Asphalt Underseal

Asphalt Underseal

Asphalt Underseal is the process of stabilizing concrete slabs by pumping hot asphalt beneath the concrete pavement. The hot asphalt flows under the slab, filling the subsurface voids, restoring subgrade support. Asphalt Underseal provides an economical means of salvaging deteriorating concrete slabs.

Why Asphalt Underseal?

  • Less expensive than replacing concrete slabs
  • Much faster than replacing concrete slabs
  • Less traffic interruption
  • Stabilizes the concrete slabs for an overlay so the overlay lasts longer
  • Extends look and “drivability” of your overlay
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What is Asphalt Underseal?

Hot asphalt is pumped beneath the surface of the concrete, flows under the slab and fills the cavities providing uniform support underneath the slab. Asphalt Underseal works by reducing the amount of slab deflection. The asphalt applied seeks out the voids in the base and restores full and even support of concrete pavement.

Asphalt Underseal is specially prepared asphalt with a very high melt temperature, much higher than any temperature of normal environmental conditions. During the summer it will not melt or bleed to the surface, so tracking is not a concern. Asphalt Underseal is pumped under pressure beneath the concrete slabs, using specialized equipment, and an application temperature of 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Deflection tests are normally performed before and after to ensure that the subsurface voids are filled completely.

Advantages of Asphalt Underseal

Asphalt Underseal prolongs the life of the concrete slabs. In many cases slabs not broken into more than four sections can be salvaged. This process can prevent the costly replacement of the concrete slabs.

This process is appropriate for concrete pavements showing signs of developing voids, deflection, shifting, and pumping of the base under loads, mud stains at joints, hollow sounds and breakage (especially at the joints). An evaluation should be made of the pavement prior to specifying the underseal process. One of our engineers will be available to assist you with the evaluation.

Asphalt Underseal Photos