Easy to Apply Surface Sealer, Environmentally Safe, Long Lasting

TRMSS is a tire rubber modified asphalt emulsion surface sealer which applies as easily as any standard fog seal system, yet provides wear and weather resistance superior to that of other sealer.

TRMSS protects and extends the life of any asphalt surface by sealing and locking in the existing asphalts, oils and aggregates of the pavement surface.

The secret is the unique “Terminal Blend” process that fully incorporates recycled tire rubber into asphalt cement and emulsifies it.

Easy to Apply

  • Ready to use- No dilution or heating requried.
  • Quick Traffic- Quick breaking emulsion allows traffic flow within 90 minutes (under ideal weather conditions).
  • Apply with Standard Spreader trucks- No special equipment required.
  • Stable- The emulsion has excellent storage stability and can be handled at any temperature. Once applied and dry, its will not re-emulsify when exposed to water.
  • Will Not Flow- As a thixitropic emulsion, TRMSS will not run or flow as it is sprayed onto the asphalt pavement, even a application rates up to 0.25 gallon per square yard.

Environmentally Safe

TRMSS contains no solvents, cutbacks, flammables or coal tar. It does contain a minimum of 10% recycled tire rubber. Every 1,000 gallons of TRMSS contains at least 18 recycled tires.

Long Lasting

TRMSS has demonstrated excellent reistance to weathering, UV degradation, oxidation, traffic scuffing and wear.