Crack & Joint Sealants

Crack & Joint Sealants

We offer a variety of high quality, hot and cold applied crack/joint sealants that may be picked up at either our Woodson Yard location or Bi-State Emulsion location. The hot applied products can be specially formulated to meet your job-specific needs. Our crack sealers can also be delivered to your facility or job site by calling Missouri Petroleum Products Dispatch at 314-219-7326.

Hot Applied Materials

Right Pointe 3405 Regular

This hot applied material has the widest range of climate and application uses in highway, airport, commercial and industrial markets.

Right Pointe Asphalt Rubber Modified (ARM)

Asphalt Rubber Modified hot applied sealant is formulated with selected asphaltic resins, synthetic polymeric rubber, plasticizers, stabilizers, and a blend of organic reinforcing fillers. It is specifically formulated to contain a minimum of 18% recycled rubber.

Right Pointe 3405 Parking Lot Sealant (PLS)

This economical material is a hot applied sealant that provides excellent results under extremely difficult conditions. PLS is designed specifically for asphalt pavements experiencing a high degree of pedestrian foot traffic and the action of power steering twisting and turning.

Right Pointe Direct Fire Sealant (DF)

This material is perfect for use in hot applied applications that are susceptible to tracking and picking up, such as pedestrian foot traffic and vehicle power steering turning. Can be used in either a direct fire or oil-jacketed kettle.

Cold Applied Materials


Cold applied crack sealer

Trowel Flex-Crac

Mastic Patch – Trowel Crack Sealer


For alligator cracks