Asphalt Sealer

Asphalt Sealer

EnduraSeal TR is an environmentally friendly, asphalt-based driveway and parking lot sealer. EnduraSeal TR is a cationic emulsified sealer that is formulated with asphalt, recycled tire rubber, select filler, and chemical additives. EnduraSeal TR forms an impervious seal against water and provides a wear-resistant coating with a rich, black luster. Our EnduraSeal TR sealers offer superior wearability while protecting the pavement from UV degradation and oxidation. It is available in two different formulas; concentrate and ready-to-use. Bags of sand are available and can be mixed with the sealer by the customer to provide additional traction to the finished product.

For additional information, please call our Bi-State Emulsions plant (314) 645-1818.

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EnduraSeal TR is a product sold only during the summertime.

EnduraSeal TR

Ready to use Asphalt Emulsion based sealer formulated with ground tire rubber

EnduraSeal TR Concentrate

Concentrated Asphalt emulsion based sealer formulated with ground tire rubber and needs to be cut with water.



Black Elixir
Sealer Additive

Poly Tough
Sealer Additive

Poly Oil Sil
Oil spot primer

Solvent cleaner

75 pound bag 40-10


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